Wheelhouse Band, Clovis, California
Wheelhouse Modern Country Band, Clovis, California
Booking the Band


BookingBooking (hiring) Wheelhouse to perform at your event or club is an easy process.  All you have to do is e-mail or call our band manager, Tom at (559)281-6929, to discuss your event and the date you want us to play.  We'll check our calendar, and tell you if we are available.

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If you are an experienced event organizer or club owner who has been booking bands for some time, you'll probably know what a band generally needs to perform and put on a show.  But if you are booking for a private party, or are rather new to all of this, we've got a list on the side bar (to the right) of things you should consider.

For business and club owners, Wheelhouse Band members understand our role in helping you make money.  Our job is to help you attract patrons, and provide appropriate entertainment to keep them excited, interested, dancing, and purchasing food and drink.  It's not about us; it's about you and your establishment.

CowKidFor charity events, our job is keep attendees entertained, dancing, and spending or giving money to the cause.

And for corporate or private parties and weddings, our job is to help ensure that your guests are happy, dancing, and that the occassion is a memorable event.

So if you're a newbie, or an old pro, don't be afraid to ask about what is needed to put on a great show.  We're happy to help you.


Our Best Venue

DancingWheelhouse is a "blue jeans and boots" casual type of band.  It'd have to snow in the desert before we'd consider wearing tuxedos (it's happened, but rarely).

We're great at farmers markets, malls, street and county fairs, rodeo and barn dances, hoe-downs, weddings, Spring Flings, Summertime 4th of July Celebrations, and corporate events

And if you're having a Country Christmas, we can do that too.


One of the conveniences of hiring Wheelhouse for your event is that you do not have to necessarily hire a separate sound company for sound reinforcement (the PA system).  Wheelhouse is its own sound company.

Our standard digital PA system will easily provide sound to a crowd up to 1,000 individuals, and the system is included in our quote.  However, if you are entertaining a larger crowd, Wheelhouse can provide a larger system to cover up to 5,000 people, with an additional fee.

There are reasons we do charge for the larger PA system ... longer setup time, more stagehands, additional sound engineer, and liability insurance.

Please call us for more details, and a discussion of your event needs.



Tying the KnotWe love weddings, and what makes it them even better is when the bride and the families don't have to worry about the entertainment or the logistics.

Wheelhouse not only provides the live musical entertainment, we can also handle the announcements,  MC, and lighting responsibilities.  Additionally, we can also provide an after hours DJ in the event you want to keep the party going.

Wheelhouse has several separate PA systems, large and small, so that no matter what the arrangement, we can provide dining music and announcement services in one area, live music in another, and DJ services in a third area if necessary.  We also have several roving wireless microphones for well-wishers in the audience.

We work with you directly, or your wedding planner, to determine the sequence of events, timing, and what will be said (scripts).

And if the event is outdoors, and you need lighting, we have the big lights to light up 10,000 square feet.

We can also play special songs (with 90 days advance notice) for the first dance, father-daughter dance, or mother-son dance.  Just let us know what you need, and we will be happy to work things out.


Being a wedding planner is no easy job.  From ideas to execution, the coordination, arrangements, logistics, and fulfillment can be down-right nerve racking.  You specialize in "happily ever-afters", and you need to work with dependable, caring professionals who have experience, and know that their reputations are on the line with you.

That's where Wheelhouse really shines.  We are more than musicians and entertainers.  We know how important it is to help you create the perfect day for the bride.

Wheelhouse works with both the planner and the bride, beyond the performance, to help select special music, arranging the sound at the banquet (and ceremony if desired), fulfilling the master of ceremonies duties, developing the script, and executing in a timely manner.

We show up at least 6 to 7 hours before the start of the ceremony or reception, to ensure that everything is in place and working long before the first guests arrive.  Our goal is to "maintain the magic" of the evening.

We communicate extensively with the wedding planner before, during, and after the event.  We even have "walkie-talkies" to ensure that you can reach us as needed for coordination and execution.

Wheelhouse provides main and ancilliary sound systems, lights (even a spotlight if desired), roving microphones, cocktail and dinner music, live music, and a live DJ for after hours.

We take the responsibility to make sure that the event facility has the proper electrical circuits for our equipment, easy on-site accessability, and early site availability.  We'll do a site evaluation and assessment weeks in advance of the event, and report to you to reduce the possibility of any "surprises". 

After all, weddings are a "no-fail" situation.


One of the crucial questions many planners ask when deciding on live music at an event is: How much sound coverage do we need?

If you are planning an indoor event with an anticipated audience of 200 to 300 people, you don't need a lot.  Most bands have small PA systems that will suffice.

However, when you start planning for larger events in banquet rooms, convention halls, or outdoors areas, you should consider a larger sound system to adequately reach an audience, especially when the audience wants to be enveloped in the music.

 When you hire Wheelhouse to perform at your event, we not only provide the music entertainment, we can also provide the sound system to reach an audience of up to 5,000 over a broad area.

Our standard sound system we use for small venues (clubs, small banquet rooms, small outdoor areas) is designed to reach an audience of 1,000 people.  But if you are planning a large outdoor street event or utilizing a convention hall, Wheelhouse can provide the bigger sound system to reach the crowd.

When we use the larger sound system, we do charge an additional fee (usage, increased workload).  We obtain insurance, provide a certificate, and if requested, a waiver of subrogation.

Please call us at (559)281-6929 for more information regarding our large scale sound system, and your specific needs. 



If you are a known establishment in California, and payment for the proposed performance is a simple flat fee, then a verbal agreement is all that is generally needed. 

But if there are various complexities associated with the performance (revenue sharing, travel, performance conditions, large scale venue), then a contract will be necessary.  You can see an example of a simple contract here (PDF format - Adobe Acrobat required).

A standard performance for Wheelhouse is three to four 45 minute music sets, with a 15 minute break between sets; or 3 to 4 hours.


Info for Charities

Wheelhouse is a community minded band, and we do provide a limited number of performances on an annual basis for fund raising events.  If your organization holds a valid 501(c) status, and you are holding a fundraising event, Wheelhouse is willing to work with you to provide a reduced or waived performance fee, provided the event or charity meets the following criteria:

  • The charity organization can provide Wheelhouse management with a copy of your IRS 501(c) tax exemption letter, a verifiable Federal Tax ID number upon request, and a mission statement demonstrating how the organization benefits the general public or specific charity.

  • The event is not for religious, political or ideological purposes.  However, religiously based organizations hosting fundraisers for a public benefit are acceptable.

  • 100% of the net proceeds go to the charity, and the 501(c) cannot be self-serving (for example: providing scholarships for persons wishing to enter an associated business).  However, exceptions are made for most youth organizations.

  • The event is large scale; 500 guests or more, and there are no attendance restrictions (for example: members only).

  • The event is Western, Country, or Outdoor themed.

Please understand that while the Wheelhouse performance fee may be waived for verified 501(c) organizations, hard costs  (transportation, travel, stagehands, rentals, set-up, insurance, security, and/or overnight accommodations) are not usually absorbed by the band.  This is most often based upon distance, and size of the event.  We can provide you with a cost estimation should it be necessary.

Wheelhouse reserves the right to decide which organizations will receive a "pro-bono" performance, and the number of performances per year.

Please contact us at (559) 281-6929 to discuss your event.


What is Needed

A Place to Perform

Not only does this refer to location, but it also has to do with staging. 

If possible, elevated staging is important because loudspeakers can be better positioned to project out, and the audience has better line of sight with the band.

There are nine musicians in Wheelhouse and at minimum we need about a 28' x 20' stage for ourselves and equipment.  If the space is too small, the bass player may have to sit in the drummer's lap; not a good thing.


Electricity -

For our normal amps and PA system, we ideally need to two 20-amp circuits. 

If you want us to bring the lighting, we need one additional 20-amp circuit for each bank of three lights we bring. 

We have up to 7 banks of DMX controlled spot lights, and 6 special effects projectors (yes, we can really light up the stage and dance floor if you ask).

For remote outdoor events, we can get a generator, but that adds to the cost (rental, gasoline, transport & setup).


Access & Setup -

We deliver our sound and lighting equipment on a large truck.  We need to get that truck as close to the stage as possible.  We also need parking for the trucks.

Set up requires a minimum of 4 hours; longer if we have lights.  Plus we need time to test the sound equipment to ensure that the room or area is balanced for optimum performance.

Breakdown of equipment usually takes at least 90 minutes.  If you are renting a facility, please allow time for the band to set-up and pack-up in the rental agreement.

Weather Protection -

For outdoor venues, if there's a chance of rain, we need pop-up tents, or awnings.  Water and electricity don't mix well. 

If it's a hot day or bright sunshine, we'll probably need some shade.


Large Venue Amplification -

Wheelhouse uses a PA system large enough to reach an audience of 1,000 people.  

If you expect more than 1,000, we have a larger system that will accommodate up to 5,000 listeners.

Beyond that, a professional sound company is probably required.  We can arrange for a sound company if you would like.


Especially for Weddings and Corporate Events -

Keep in mind that a live band needs considerably more time to setup than a small system DJ.

We need extra early access to the facilities to comfortably setup sound, instruments, and lights.  Plus we need to do a few sound checks prior to any guests arriving to ensure quality. 

This is your day, and your event ... we want everything to be perfect.