Wheelhouse Band, Clovis, California
Wheelhouse Modern Country Band, Clovis, California
About the Band


Hot NotesLike many great bands, Wheelhouse was conceived by six local like-minded musicians who wanted to put together a dynamic collection of modern country and classic rock songs which would make folks want to get up and dance.

Each of us brought to the band years of experience, energy, enthusiasm to craft our music and put together a show that audiences would enjoy kickin' up their heels to.

We started out in 2009 at a "studio barn" in Clovis, to work on our songs and refine the music.  But over time, we had to find a larger studio as Wheelhouse developed into a 9 member band, along with engineers.  Our goal was not just to cover, but to capture the dynamics of the music and deliver the "punch" as was originally intended.

All of us in the band were spoon-feed on hard rock & roll growing up (late 1960's through the 1980's), and at the same time, developed a deep appreciation for country music.  But we were looking for something different; a genre of sound that fused our beloved energetic rock & roll with country.

The answer was Modern Country, engineered by more then a few "out of work" Los Angeles rock producers who somehow dropped out of the plane on the way to New York, and landed in Nashville.  We grabbed that bull by both horns, and have been riding that critter ever since.

So here we are, for your listening and dancing pleasure,  playing Toby Keith, Kenny Chesney, and a little Garth Brooks among others; with a tip of the hat to our classic rock roots.  You can see our entire song list by clicking here.

We hope to see you out there on the dance floor!

- Wheelhouse Band


Wheelhouse may be different from other bands you have worked with in the past.  Below are some important points to consider:

  • We are community oriented and ideally suited for towns which are looking for full-package event entertainment value, and a minimum of coordination issues.

  • We are primarily geared toward outdoor municipal festivals and events for large crowds.  Our minimum stage size is 32' x 20' (roughly 20 - 8 x 4 standard stage panels ).  You can view our Stage Plot here.

  • We have our own large venue sound system (vertical arrays, subs, fills, digital boards, relays, and processors) suitable for crowds up to 5,000 people.  We also own an extensive lighting system (static and moving heads) with truss and lifts.

  • We have three sound and light engineers to build-out and run the show; no additional stage hands are needed.  All equipment is on wheels and transported in a 26' truck with a lift gate.  You can view requisites here.

  • As a "Mission Critical" sound company, we have backups and duplicates of all equipment to overcome most any technical adversity.

  • We cover only well known songs with a high familiarity factor so the audience can dance and participate.  Our performances are rated "PG"; we do not perform songs with "language".  You can view a sample of our Song List.

  • Our music repertoire can optionally run as long as 2.5 hours; we are ameanable to performing with other bands or acts, using our equipment as necessary.  We also have sub-sets outside the pop-country genre (blues, rock, and classics).

  • Booking is usually 60 days in advance; 20% retainer at booking; balance due 7 days before performance.  We have three tier pricing so that your client gets exactly what they need (performance, plus sound, plus lighting).



Admission TicketOn our web page below, we offer a number of photo lay-outs which can be used for promotional purposes.  Please keep in mind that we reserve the right to change out the material as necessary, and that our images and logo may be used by permission only.  If we are performing at your venue, permission to use our material is implied.

All stock photos on this website are licensed to the Wheelhouse Band.  Please do not copy or reproduce any stock photo images.

If you require any other type of artwork not pictured below, please contact us.  Click on the image below to open full photo in a separate tab.  Once open, use your right click on mouse to copy to your own clipboard, then paste.


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Lead Male Singer - Steve Morgan


Lead Female Singer - Vicki VonTersch


Lead Female Singer - Erin Bryant


MikeLead Guitar - Mike Kelley


DannyLead Guitar - Danny Anderson


SteveKeyboards - Bill Bilhou

Drums - Kirby Alstrom


TomBass Guitar & Manager -
Tom Weil